Our Vision


It is our vision and desire to engineer sustainable and reliable road infrastructure that will effectively meet the needs of the community for the lowest social, economic and environmental impact.

We seek to do this by working with clients, industry and educational centers in a concerted effort to reduce resource usage by 15%, environmentally damaging emissions by 15% and improved serviceability by 15% within five years from current construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and preventative maintenance treatments.

We know that we deal with a product that is limited in supply and is damaging to the environment and our future. Alternative products are available and more will be discovered. Our aim is to assess and offer solutions that demonstrate the same level of serviceability and reliability as traditional solutions but at a lower social, environment and economic cost.

PMS has the unique capability to investigate and characterise transport infrastructure located above ground as well as on and below the surface, providing information on bridges and structures above the ground, the pavements and tracks on the ground, the sub-layers and deeper geology. Where possible, non-destructive techniques are used for minimal disruption to general public. The analysed data is used to identify the transport infrastructure needs. This information assists clients in future planning and infrastructure development projects. Improved infrastructure ultimately leads to enhancement of industry and business capability in the community.