Entries by Pedro Yarza

New Offices in Queensland

Pavement Management Services in Queensland has moved into new purpose built offices in Premier Circuit, Warana. ‘After a five year association with the Innovation Centre at the University of Sunshine Coast it was time for us to move into our own building and consolidate our consulting offices with our data collection teams in one location’, […]

PMS Grows in Victoria

Pavement Management Services is pleased to announce commencement of a four year contact with Vicroads to collect high speed data (roughness, rutting and texture) with high definition imagery for crack and asset assessment. The contact with require the collection of up to 13,000 km each year across rural and urban Victoria and will be the […]

Western Australia Enters 4th Year of Contact for MRWA

Pavement Management Services has commences our fourth year of high speed data collection for Main Roads Western Australia which will see them again collect from the Northern most boarder with the Northern Territory, down to the forests of the South West and out along the Eyre Highway to South Australia – 26,000 km in total. […]

PMS Completes Study of NT

PMS has recently completed a major study of all arterial roads in the Northern Territory and wide-spread assessment of the unsealed road system. PMS is proud of our long association with the Northern Territory having previously completed this project and undertaken assessment of roads leading out to outlying stations. ‘Everything went well with this contact.’ […]

New Servers for Sydney

Big data is upon us and PMS keeps up with the demand. The Sydney office of Pavement Management Services upgraded computer systems over the annual holiday period in order to keep up with storage and data processing requirements. ‘Once we talked about gigabytes now we talk in terabytes.’ Said James Erskine, Senior Engineer and Manager […]