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35 Years is a Long Time in Business

35 Years is a long time in business. We’ve made it and I know we are well prepared for another 35!

Just like the proverbial ‘Grandfather’s axe’ we have a new handle and a new head but we remain the same organisation we were when we moved into our first premises in Telopea, New South Wales.

Good employees are our blessing

Perseverance is our hallmark

Technical excellence is our edge

An undying belief that there is a better way drives us forward

Main stream we are not; nor do we want to be

We are good people to work with

When we first started many clients were sceptical. They would say:

‘John, why should we give you this contract? You may not be around next year.’

Well I am pleased to say that we have well and truly weathered that resistance. We’ve educated that reluctant client. We’ve made our business and name the backbone of modern civil engineering. We have thrived where many have not.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been easy.

On the contrary, we’ve had our highs but also had to carefully navigate tricky times.

So what of the next 35 years?

Firstly, we hope that all staff who have worked at PMS and have since moved on will continue to be successful. We always watch with interest as there is a strong sense of satisfaction knowing you have helped shaped someone allowing them to unlock their full potential.

Secondly, we know our regional business model works. Domestic borders are no barrier to our business. Infrastructure issues will continue to worry governments all around the world and we are well placed to assist them. We see Australia and New Zealand as one big R&D test bed. We have faith that the tools and techniques we develop here at home are just as applicable and can take us anywhere in the world. There is no reason why 70% of our revenue can’t again be generated overseas.

Thirdly, we will continue to put our trust in our staff so they grow and develop. We don’t have a top-down arrangement. Each employee makes an impact on the business every day. A small dynamic regional operation must rely on field staff as much as experienced and well qualified engineers.

Fourthly, but not last, we will continue to be good friends and good people to work with. Listen to help our clients find the best solutions to their needs. We will never take our clients for granted and always deliver the best we can.

Our past has been varied and successful. Our future is sound and bright.


John Yeaman

Managing Director

New LCMS system launch

PMS is pleased to announce that it has renewed and strengthened its collaboration with Fugro Roadware by rolling out a four week training program for all data and survey management staff, following the delivery of Fugro Roadware’s latest development during the final quarter of 2013, the automated Laser Crack Measurement System. A twelve year long partner of Pavemetrics – the manufacturer of the LCMS system – Fugro Roadware has been instrumental in enabling research carried out by Pavemetrics. Roadware is now providing PMS with their latest versions of automated crack and distress classification software – the fruit of five years of close collaboration between the two road survey system developers on North American networks. Access by PMS to this technology this has been done thanks to a long standing partnership between PMS and Fugro.

The training sessions occurred on both the East and West coasts of Australia, providing wide coverage and increasing the skills of personnel already familiar with systems such as the Laser Rut Measurement System, the precursor of the LCMS. PMS is currently providing LRMS coverage for the MRWA state network and is in partnership with MRWA to investigate how MRWA may make the most of the data produced by a high repeatability and resolution system such as the LCMS.

PMS has recently undertaken an LCMS survey on the Adelaide City Council (380 lane km) and some local WA council networks (2600 lane km) and has gained valuable local experience in the last year. Issues such as safety, data storage and data logistics as well as automated segmenting and algorythm fine tuning have all been assessed and successfully implemented to produce meaningful information to local councils, produced within a few weeks of collection. PMS personnel has been critical in providing these council teams with the expertise required to convert their existing datasets with little inconvenience so they may accept advanced information such as that produced by the LCMS.

ARAN LCMS - Automated Crack Mapping

ARAN LCMS – Automated Crack Mapping

Road Maintenance Conference in Sydney, 25-26 June

Pavement Management Services took part in the Road Maintenance Conference held on 25-26 June 2014 in Sydney.

Infrastructure and asset management are the core focus for local government across Australia. Australian governments spend more than $7 billion maintaining and renewing the road network every year.

This conference explored the different innovative delivery models which are being implemented across Australia and drew together lessons learnt to determine best practice in road maintenance.

Pavement Management Services’ Managing Director, John Yeaman, presented at the Conference, “Global Reviews to Boost Productivity and Drive Cost Efficiencies” and highlighted the need for an Intelligent Pavement Conservation Policy.

“A countries road asset is one of the foundations’ of its social and economic development and moreover, is constantly providing society with valuable services.

Given that roads can and should last for many years, the tax-payers trusts implicitly that today’s sacrifices (taxes) will offer future benefits for a longer period.

This confidence, however, appears to be increasingly less justified. In most countries, roads are deteriorating at an accelerated pace, mostly because of serious deficiencies in their conservation. “

If you would like to discuss further please contact the author via info@pavement.com.au.

Road Maintenance Conference in Sydney, 25-26 June 2014

Road Maintenance Conference in Sydney, 25-26 June 2014