Pavement Management Services Founder Honoured in Queens Birthday Awards

On Australia Day 2017, Dr John Yeaman PhD, founder of Pavement Management Services and currently the Queensland Main Roads Chair of Pavement Engineering at the University of the Sunshine Coast was acknowledged for his service to the community and industry and appointed as a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia.

In part his citation reads:

‘For significant service to civil engineering and road asset maintenance management, to professional organisations, and to the community.’

His citation lists not only his endeavours and achievements whilst at Pavement Management Services but also his work at the University of the Sunshine Coast, his support to international engineering societies, standards organisations and Universities and his community work with Rotary International.

Pavement Management Services is very proud and pleased for this very public and high honour to someone we all know as a sincere, inspirational and hard-working mentor to lots of PMS current and past employees. Congratulations.


New Offices in Queensland

Pavement Management Services in Queensland has moved into new purpose built offices in Premier Circuit, Warana. ‘After a five year association with the Innovation Centre at the University of Sunshine Coast it was time for us to move into our own building and consolidate our consulting offices with our data collection teams in one location’, said Ernesto Urbaez, Regional Manager Queensland. ‘The Innovation Centre offered many benefits including being close to the engineering faculty so we could assist students completing their practical engineering modules and provide lecture support on pavement design and highway data collection to 3rd and 4th year students but it was time to be on our own.’

The new building at 4/28 Premier Circuit was a shell having been previously been used just for warehousing. PMS built all the offices and outfitted the warehouse floor as workshop space for our data collection vehicles. ‘We looked at what Sydney and Perth had achieved and decided to incorporate the best of both layouts.” Ernesto said. ‘We picked a location close to all our major suppliers but with good access to the major arterials. We even have NBN which is a first for our Company!’

‘This shows our commitment to the Queensland market and our Queensland clients. The office in Queensland has been steadily growing and we have recruited well. Queensland has a high percentage of repeat customers and a growing base of new clients. All looks good so the investment was valid’ said John Yeaman, Managing Director, Pavement Management Services.

Please feel free to drop in anytime and talk with the team.


PMS Grows in Victoria

Pavement Management Services is pleased to announce commencement of a four year contact with Vicroads to collect high speed data (roughness, rutting and texture) with high definition imagery for crack and asset assessment. The contact with require the collection of up to 13,000 km each year across rural and urban Victoria and will be the first widespread use of LCMS technology by the State.

‘Pavement Management Services has been working closely with Vicroads since award in November to ensure our systems are compatible with historic data collection methods yet position Vicroads to move towards getting the best out of modern technology’ said Francois Finette, Project Director. ‘Vicroads are very interested in finding out what roads are autonomous vehicle ready whilst keeping historical assessments standard so funding and maintenance planning can continue without changing baseline assessments.’

‘In four weeks we have been able to modify, test and validate our system to meet the specific needs of Vicroads. I am very proud of what the team has been able to achieve in such a short space of time. ‘ said John Yeaman, Managing Director. ‘It is my plan, that based on the successful execution of this contact PMS will be able to establish a permanent office in Victoria and build not only on Vicroads but our growing list of successes with Local Government.’


Western Australia Enters 4th Year of Contact for MRWA

Pavement Management Services has commences our fourth year of high speed data collection for Main Roads Western Australia which will see them again collect from the Northern most boarder with the Northern Territory, down to the forests of the South West and out along the Eyre Highway to South Australia – 26,000 km in total.

‘The data collection crews love this project as they get to see some beautiful country,’ said Suvrat Patel, Project Engineer. ‘Whilst there is pressure on to keep production up and get the project completed before the wet sets in the crews do get to go a lot of places Australian’s dream of visiting’
Following acceptance of automated crack detection in our last round of testing this year will see the increased use of LCMS technology and crack detection with Metro, Goldfields, Wheatbelts and Pilbara Regions all requiring automated crack detection.

MRWA put a lot of pressure but also faith in PMS and out technology to be one of the first customers to require automated crack detection without human interference. Previously PMS had used LCMS technology to undertake a ‘first-cut’ of crack detection and classification but undertook a manual review and correction where required.

‘MRWA didn’t want this so we had to trial, develop and train our system to do automated crack detection on chip seals where often the stone-by-stone relief is greater than the adjacent crack. It wasn’t easy and not yet 100% effective but both the client and ourselves have confidence in the solution’ said Francois Finette, Regional Manager, Western Australia. ‘Whilst the system will always struggle to detect and classify cracks of 2mm or less we have a high confidence that it will detect cracking and more often we find false positives rather than missing cracking.

‘When you have a knowledgeable and willing client good progress can be made and we feel proud that MRWA is getting a good product and a solid understanding of the current condition of the network and solid data on which to plan maintenance activity.’ Francois said.


PMS Completes Study of NT

PMS has recently completed a major study of all arterial roads in the Northern Territory and wide-spread assessment of the unsealed road system. PMS is proud of our long association with the Northern Territory having previously completed this project and undertaken assessment of roads leading out to outlying stations.

‘Everything went well with this contact.’ Said Athena Egen, Project Manager ‘Given the distances travelled and the remote nature of the project we expected some issues with breakdown, crews getting lost or the equipment suffering in the harsh conditions but it all worked.’

‘One of the most pleasing aspects of the project is that all our data and imagery has been loaded onto our web-based solution PARMMS Viewer so everyone in the Department can gain access to video and condition information at the click of a button in a familiar windows based environment.’ Said Francois Finette ‘If you can use Google Earth you can use PARMMS Viewer but get so much more from not only up-to-date and purpose made imagery but also the processed data.’

Initially PARMMS Viewer was established as a stand-alone solution being installed on individual workstations but after people became aware of the benefits of widespread access the solution was put onto the server system.


New Servers for Sydney

Big data is upon us and PMS keeps up with the demand. The Sydney office of Pavement Management Services upgraded computer systems over the annual holiday period in order to keep up with storage and data processing requirements. ‘Once we talked about gigabytes now we talk in terabytes.’ Said James Erskine, Senior Engineer and Manager of Product Development. With the increase in computing power also comes with it higher quality imagery, sensor data and positioning information but we also need the systems to be able to back-up the data once it has been loaded onto the servers.

‘One day of field data collection may take up to two –days of office time to upload and process into the clients required delivery formats even with the most up-to-date servers and significant RAM’ James said ‘ And more and more we are being asked by our clients to hold and even display their data for them on the web.

‘Total capacity across the company now exceeds 150TB of live data storage and it is growing at about 5TB a month and this doesn’t include back-up data‘ Said John Yeaman, Managing Director, Pavement Management Services ‘for a lot of our clients this is critical information required for preparing tenders, assessing maintenance outcomes, vectoring of field crews or preparation of budget submissions so neither our clients nor ourselves can afford to have a problem with back-up and recovery. Sometimes I feel I should meet with NASA and discuss how they do it. I know we are not alone but big data is definitely with us.

Data to Assess Road Conditions

A complete road data collection and assessment program will allow Bundaberg Council to keep a closer eye on the condition of the region’s 3000km road network.

Council’s Roads and Drainage portfolio spokesperson Cr Tony Ricciardi said Council had engaged Pavement Management Services to undertake a complete assessment of the region’s roads using laser technology…