New Servers for Sydney

Big data is upon us and PMS keeps up with the demand. The Sydney office of Pavement Management Services upgraded computer systems over the annual holiday period in order to keep up with storage and data processing requirements. ‘Once we talked about gigabytes now we talk in terabytes.’ Said James Erskine, Senior Engineer and Manager of Product Development. With the increase in computing power also comes with it higher quality imagery, sensor data and positioning information but we also need the systems to be able to back-up the data once it has been loaded onto the servers.

‘One day of field data collection may take up to two –days of office time to upload and process into the clients required delivery formats even with the most up-to-date servers and significant RAM’ James said ‘ And more and more we are being asked by our clients to hold and even display their data for them on the web.

‘Total capacity across the company now exceeds 150TB of live data storage and it is growing at about 5TB a month and this doesn’t include back-up data‘ Said John Yeaman, Managing Director, Pavement Management Services ‘for a lot of our clients this is critical information required for preparing tenders, assessing maintenance outcomes, vectoring of field crews or preparation of budget submissions so neither our clients nor ourselves can afford to have a problem with back-up and recovery. Sometimes I feel I should meet with NASA and discuss how they do it. I know we are not alone but big data is definitely with us.