PMS Completes Study of NT

PMS has recently completed a major study of all arterial roads in the Northern Territory and wide-spread assessment of the unsealed road system. PMS is proud of our long association with the Northern Territory having previously completed this project and undertaken assessment of roads leading out to outlying stations.

‘Everything went well with this contact.’ Said Athena Egen, Project Manager ‘Given the distances travelled and the remote nature of the project we expected some issues with breakdown, crews getting lost or the equipment suffering in the harsh conditions but it all worked.’

‘One of the most pleasing aspects of the project is that all our data and imagery has been loaded onto our web-based solution PARMMS Viewer so everyone in the Department can gain access to video and condition information at the click of a button in a familiar windows based environment.’ Said Francois Finette ‘If you can use Google Earth you can use PARMMS Viewer but get so much more from not only up-to-date and purpose made imagery but also the processed data.’

Initially PARMMS Viewer was established as a stand-alone solution being installed on individual workstations but after people became aware of the benefits of widespread access the solution was put onto the server system.