PMS Grows in Victoria

Pavement Management Services is pleased to announce commencement of a four year contact with Vicroads to collect high speed data (roughness, rutting and texture) with high definition imagery for crack and asset assessment. The contact with require the collection of up to 13,000 km each year across rural and urban Victoria and will be the first widespread use of LCMS technology by the State.

‘Pavement Management Services has been working closely with Vicroads since award in November to ensure our systems are compatible with historic data collection methods yet position Vicroads to move towards getting the best out of modern technology’ said Francois Finette, Project Director. ‘Vicroads are very interested in finding out what roads are autonomous vehicle ready whilst keeping historical assessments standard so funding and maintenance planning can continue without changing baseline assessments.’

‘In four weeks we have been able to modify, test and validate our system to meet the specific needs of Vicroads. I am very proud of what the team has been able to achieve in such a short space of time. ‘ said John Yeaman, Managing Director. ‘It is my plan, that based on the successful execution of this contact PMS will be able to establish a permanent office in Victoria and build not only on Vicroads but our growing list of successes with Local Government.’