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Western Australia TNC4

TNC 4 Goldfields-Esperance Contract was one of nine 10-year contracts for the asset management, maintenance and rehabilitation of WA State’s road network. PMS were appointed as Pavement Managers to Macmahon Contractors and from 1999 until 2010, PMS managed all pavement testing, design and auditing on the network.


Macmahon Contractors


Provision of an integrated Performance Specified Maintenance System for the Goldfields – Esperance region of Western Australia comprising 4483 lane kilometres of pavement, 8 bridges and, ancillary assets. As consultants we provided both strategic and project management of the network management facilities. This contract included a full time ‘implant’ Engineer based in the clients site office in Kalgoorlie.


  • Road Network Inspection
  • Pavement Designs
  • Supply and installation of PMS
  • Annual Reporting
  • Post Construction QA
  • Road Network Maintenance Strategy