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As a leading transportation infrastructure company, PMS can provide a comprehensive range of engineering information, investigations and consultancy on airport infrastructure.

PMS can undertake a range of geophysical and non-destructive investigations of airfield pavements to provide a range of information on their construction and condition.

To meet client’s requirements, we combine:

  • Maintenance Design Strategy
  • PCN / ACN Assessments
  • Pavement Designs
  • Structural Capacity Assessment
  • Load Transfer Testing
  • Visual Assessment including pavement condition
  • Geometric Profiling (curve, grade, crossfall)
  • Longitudinal Profiling
  • Surface Texture
  • Pavement Structure
  • Voiding / Stripping / Delamination Mapping
  • Skid Resistance Testing
  • Insitu / DCP Testing, Boreholes, Coreholes
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Moisture Assessment

Airport Services Brochure