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PMS has been a trusted adviser for many years to several State and Federal Authorities in Australia and overseas. We have pioneered advanced pavement deterioration prediction techniques used to optimise road maintenance planning over long durations. We provided these services to the Contractor for one of the first public private partnership (PPP) schemes, for maintenance of a road network in Sydney for what was initially a 10 year contract, but extended to a 14 year period commencing in 1995.

PMS provides an integrated transportation solution to clients who manage the burdening needs of modern infrastructure transport systems with the equally challenging task of renewing and maintaining networks that were never designed for the volumes and weights they are required to carry now. As a result we have established an enviable reputation as one of the world’s leading transportation and infrastructure consultants.

To meet client’s requirements, we combine:

  • Technical Advice – Pavement Management

    Complete Pavement Management Consultancy by professionally qualified and experienced engineers.

  • Pavement Data Collection

    Whether you need asset or structural data for a road network or investigation of an airport runway, PMS can provide the information you require.

  • Non destructive Pavement Evaluation

    By providing reliable and task ready data we can help you make engineering decisions that are timely, cost effective and make the most of available resources.

  • Pavement Design

    Specialists in hot-humid, dry-arid designs.

  • PMS Software and Training Services

    Pavement Management Services have developed a suite of application software products to view, process, analyse and manage collected data.