Western Australia Enters 4th Year of Contact for MRWA

Pavement Management Services has commences our fourth year of high speed data collection for Main Roads Western Australia which will see them again collect from the Northern most boarder with the Northern Territory, down to the forests of the South West and out along the Eyre Highway to South Australia – 26,000 km in total.

‘The data collection crews love this project as they get to see some beautiful country,’ said Suvrat Patel, Project Engineer. ‘Whilst there is pressure on to keep production up and get the project completed before the wet sets in the crews do get to go a lot of places Australian’s dream of visiting’
Following acceptance of automated crack detection in our last round of testing this year will see the increased use of LCMS technology and crack detection with Metro, Goldfields, Wheatbelts and Pilbara Regions all requiring automated crack detection.

MRWA put a lot of pressure but also faith in PMS and out technology to be one of the first customers to require automated crack detection without human interference. Previously PMS had used LCMS technology to undertake a ‘first-cut’ of crack detection and classification but undertook a manual review and correction where required.

‘MRWA didn’t want this so we had to trial, develop and train our system to do automated crack detection on chip seals where often the stone-by-stone relief is greater than the adjacent crack. It wasn’t easy and not yet 100% effective but both the client and ourselves have confidence in the solution’ said Francois Finette, Regional Manager, Western Australia. ‘Whilst the system will always struggle to detect and classify cracks of 2mm or less we have a high confidence that it will detect cracking and more often we find false positives rather than missing cracking.

‘When you have a knowledgeable and willing client good progress can be made and we feel proud that MRWA is getting a good product and a solid understanding of the current condition of the network and solid data on which to plan maintenance activity.’ Francois said.