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Pavement Testing

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Pavement Testing

We collect, interpret and evaluate high quality pavement and road condition data and make it useful to enable road owners throughout the world to manage their road networks in the most cost efficient and sustainable manner.

Pavement Consultancy

Our pavement engineers combine practical experience with technical expertise in design, construction and validation, to provide an all encompassing, professional quality pavement management service.

Software Solutions

We are pleased to announce the release of our next generation PARMMS Road Manager, now powered by Yotta UK.

Find out more about our pavement and highway management solutions throughout the world.

Delivering value across the pavement life cycle

Pavement Management Services (PMS) is a high technology civil engineering consultancy specialising in superior quality pavement testing, design, evaluation and management of roads, airports and ports. Our team of qualified and professional engineers can assist clients on a wide range of projects, to ensure success and minimise liability.

  • Roads & Highways

    Riverside Road
  • Airports

    Pavement Management Services - Airport Sector
  • Ports

    Pavement Management Services - Ports Sector

Sectors we work in

Pavement Management Services provide professional services and expertise to support, investigate and characterise pavement and road asset infrastructure.

We provide pavement management solutions to three main sectors:

  • Roads & Highways

    World renowned leading transportation and infrastructure consultants.

  • Airports

    Engineering information, investigations and consultancy on airport infrastructure.

  • Ports

    Specialist testing and analysis of failure mechanisms for ports and major hard standing areas.

Pavement Testing

We make use of the latest industry standard and compliant equipment to ensure minimal risk of liability.

The design, construction and maintenance of roads and civil infrastructure calls for wide-ranging expertise. PMS provides the data, technology and expertise required to mitigate and manage risks, protecting people, the environment and commercial investment.

  • Pavement Strength Testing

    Falling & Heavy Weight Deflectometer

    Falling Weight Deflectometer Working
  • Rover Unsealed Road Survey System

    Unsealed and unformed roads assessment

    Outback Services - Ranger
  • Automated Road Condition Surveys

    Complete asset data inventory

    ARAN - Laser Crack Measurement System
  • Footpath Surveys

    Pavement Management Services offer a range of services to help manage your footpath and pathway assets

Our Projects

From work in the hot-humid areas of Manilla to the cold plateaus of the Eastern Downs of Australia; the deserts in the UAE and the unusual pumice stone roads of New Zealand, PMS has experienced a wide variety of conditions and construction techniques. This represents over 30 years of experience in all, but the most extreme cold conditions, in which road builders and maintainers must work.


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