• Road Condition

    PMS operate a network of tightly integrated subsystems that synchronously collect accurate and reliable data for roadway infrastructure management applications.

  • Crack Mapping

    PMS use the latest LCMS technology for crack mapping.

  • Structural Pavement Evaluation

    PMS undertake structural pavement evaluation on roads and airport runways using a Falling (or Heavy) Weight Deflectometer.

  • Ride Quality

    Compliance and ride quality (roughness) testing using fully calibrated laser profilometer systems.

  • Pavement Construction Data

    Traffic speed non-destructive pavement construction data acquisition using a Ground Penetrating Radar.

  • Skid Resistance Testing

    PMS operate a number of ROAR Skid Resistance Test Units and GripTesters used to measure surface friction.

  • Unsealed Road Networks

    PMS use highly robust, high quality video and positioning data for unsealed road assessments.

Our Fleet

PMS currently own and operate the following fleet of specialist testing equipment:

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